Support at the start of work for Ukrainian citizens

Currently, about 2 million refugees fleeing the occupied country have already arrived in Poland. This number changes daily. Every day, the anxiety related to their adaptation and everyday life in an unknown country is also growing, both in us and in our eastern neighbors. Over a month of war in Ukraine has shown us that we have power, but also that we do not have influence on everything. We are able to offer support in the form of accommodation, transport or necessary calls, but is the Polish labor market ready for new employees?

“According to the latest edition of the report, in March 2022, 360,000 jobs were published on the 50 largest recruitment portals in Poland. new job advertisements. This is the highest result in the three-year history of our research - by 30 percent. higher than in the same period last year and by 55 percent. higher than two years ago, when the pandemic began, 'the report said.

Company support for employees

Numerous Polish companies guarantee the admission of an increased number of citizens from Ukraine and provide assistance in finding accommodation, organizing transport, arranging formalities or bringing their families to Poland. Some of the workers, men from Ukraine, will be obliged to return to their home country due to the ongoing war and the necessary service. 

This will result in the dismissal of jobs for more Ukrainian citizens. The situation we find ourselves in will require understanding and flexibility from employers. The development of the situation depends to a large extent on them.
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Where to find employment?

Specialists ensure that our eastern neighbors will be able to find employment in virtually any industry, and special demand is noted in production, construction and logistics. Warehouse workers, machine operators, production workers and IT specialists are also in demand.

Due to the situation of the Polish labor market, employees from Ukraine provide considerable support in filling vacancies.

Government for Ukraine

Citizens of Ukraine have the option of free support of the poviat or voivodeship labor office, including job placement or career counseling.

Poles opened their hearts and homes, and the government, by means of a special act, opened the labor market for Ukrainians, said Minister Marlena Maląg about the situation of people who came to us from Ukraine after February 24. 

Work has already started 25 thousand. people. Most of them are women. This changes the employment structure. Before February 24, about a million Ukrainians were legally working in Poland, mainly men. Approx. 200 thousand left to defend its homeland. Currently, women find work in the hotel industry, gastronomy and in seasonal work that is already beginning, says Minister Marlena Maląg.

The current situation on our labor market is very good. According to Eurostat calculations, we have unemployment at the level of 2.8%, with the European average of 6.4%. In this respect, we rank second among European countries. - There are places to be developed in this space - said Minister Maląg.

Joanna Karp