Longing-patriotism-and-strength-that is-mass-returns-of-Ukrainians-home

Longing, patriotism and strength, i.e. massive returns of Ukrainians home

For less than two months, a war has raged in Ukraine, which forced innocent people to flee the occupied country. Some of them are trying to adapt in a new place and new everyday life. The second part made the decision to return to the homeland, which at the moment seems to be a bold step. What are the reasons behind this? Is homesickness stronger than fear?

Despite the threats

Something that undeniably made the citizens of Ukraine return is the expulsion of the Russian aggressors from the Kiev region. It is estimated that most refugees come from this area. The victorious battle for Kyiv restored their strength and hope. Despite the threats of the Russian aggressors, the Ukrainians boldly decide to return to the liberated towns. Often, having no choice, they left their families, property or documents in Ukraine. Now they decide to face the cruel reality. Most likely, it is simply a longing for the country and the pre-war everyday life.

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As the most common reasons for returning to their homeland, refugees most often mention longing, the need to return to their children, friends and family, as well as arranging formalities, recovering the necessary documents or other necessary things.

"Our home is in Ukraine"

Poles willingly accept Ukrainian citizens under their roof, providing them with decent and necessary living conditions supportwhat our eastern guests appreciate, but they do not hide their pain and longing for the country. Despite the extensive support from the Polish side, which the citizens of Ukraine can count on, they do not feel at home with us, because their home is in Ukraine. The place where we leave our family, friends and possessions of life cannot be replaced with any other overnight. The feeling of strangeness and fear for the family in the place make the return the only right choice. Even despite the war taking place there.

Being outside their country, they often feel passive and helpless. Returning to their homeland gives them a sense of at least minimal agency and solidarity with those who fight for the freedom of their country. Despite the best care and support, they will not get the kind that their own family or friends give them. At the moment when the ground under our feet is literally falling apart, our relatives who accompany us are essential for our survival.

Data from the State Border Guard

The State Border Guard of Ukraine reports that more than a million people have returned to Ukraine since the beginning of the attack by the Russian aggressor, and this number is still growing.

Data from the Polish Border Guard from the last few days show that at this moment more refugees leave our country than come to it:

April 15 ARRIVED: 24.4 thous. COME OUT: 25.1 thous.
April 16 ARRIVED: 19.2 thousand COME OUT: 22 thousand.
April 17 ARRIVED: 17.3 thousand. COME OUT: 19.3 thousand.

At the beginning of the war, men returned to the country, and at that moment they are mainly mothers with children. Russian offensives, on the other hand, will invariably generate new waves of refugees.

Joanna Karp