Help during the war

It has been running in Ukraine for over a month now warfor which the world was not prepared. We, without participating in it personally, still support as much as we can those who came to us fleeing from the attacked country. It is estimated that about 10 million guests from Ukraine are to come to Poland. It is largely up to us how they will be accepted and what their adaptation process will look like. How can we help them survive this time and lend a helping hand?

First aid, not only medical

Each of us, being in a worse moment in life, needs a helping hand and the proverbial fishing rod. We, as those who have the strength, conditions and tools at this moment, are implicitly obligated to act. You never know which side we'll be on. That is why solidarity with the Ukrainian nation is so important now. We must remember that these people's lives changed overnight. They were forced to flee their country, often with the most necessary and only luggage. Therefore, when they come here, they do not have what is normal for us. For this reason, it is so important to share essentials with them, such as clothes, food, medicine and hygiene. Many places still collect things that they pass on to those most in need, so if you have something that is desired, give it to those who need it now. For a better tomorrow, our guests need not only things, but also mental support is important. It is also a significant help.

Aid from the government

In addition to the material assistance offered by the units, the government took care of the financial assistance package not only for the citizens of Ukraine, but also for the finances for local governments needed to carry out the tasks. In accordance with the criteria, the government guarantees Ukrainian citizens social, family and educational benefits, as well as a subsidy for the reduction of a parent's fee for a child's stay in a nursery, children's club or with a day carer. He also declared finding jobs, places in schools, kindergartens and nurseries for our eastern guests. The law regulates the legality of their stay. Hence - the provisions on the registration of employees from Ukraine. The special act adopted in mid-March also guarantees financial aid for Poles who provide accommodation to Ukrainian citizens.

Accommodation and transport, i.e. the most desirable and safe assistance 

The sight of the overcrowded borders and then the train stations from the end of February is an everyday sight that is chilling in your veins. Safe spacethat our guests have often lost irretrievably and safely transported to their destination is something that we can give them in a package with hope. Due to the fact that the safety of our eastern neighbors has been put to the test, it is extremely important to offer accommodation, transport or other assistance through a verified source or website. Remember to help measure your intentions and offer as much as you are able to give from yourself.

In addition to the necessary accommodation or transport, you can offer Polish language lessons, psychological, therapeutic and legal support or work for those in need.

Help can be facilitated by a verified platform created for this, so get to know and share the good today.

Joanna Karp