Help-what-is-and how-do we-express?

What is help and how do we express it?

Defining help is more difficult than giving it. First aid, humanitarian, social and psychological aid are just a drop in the ocean of helping. Often we do not know what we can give, and sometimes the seemingly smallest form of help can change a lot for the needy. What exactly is help and how can we express it?

Attempting to define help

When we think help, we think support, empathy and sensitivity. In order to help, one must be sensitive to the suffering of others, notice difficulties and have the strength to fight them. However, there is no single universal definition of aid. Everyone can interpret it in their own way, depending on their actions, observations and personality. According to the dictionary of the Polish language help we express an action taken for the benefit of another person. Another definition is that it is something that helps in a difficult situation and makes it less burdensome. We can also help define the care and unburdening someone in tasks. Help is undeniably something we give from ourselves, but also something we need. Fortunately, there is no shortage of helpful people today, which is illustrated by the current military conflict in Ukraine.

Why are we helping?

Often the reason why we help is because of the situation or person that requires it. If someone around us needs help, we become heroes without a cloak without hesitation. It also happens that not only the situation and the person make us express this help, but often we want to feel needed and we provide it with "selfish" reasons. We want to look at ourselves in a better light. There is nothing wrong with that if we help selflessly. Without material goals and benefits. Because disinterestedness is actually an inherent feature of effective helping. The only interest we should have in this should be the improvement of the situation or person.

We help because it is a natural reflex of humanity, we help because the situation requires it, we help because even though we will not change the whole world, we can change some part of it.

How to help?

Help and the form of sharing it are individual issues, depending on the current needs and situation. Often it is they who unconsciously impose on us the way in which we can express it. It will not be an exaggeration to say that you can help for a million reasons. You can share food, money, time, and sometimes even a conversation can be the most effective form of support. You can also work in a profession where helping goes hand in hand with everyday life. We are talking about all security services, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and social workers.


Every form of help counts in the time we are all here. The armed conflict in Ukraine has affected us all, and we have been joining forces for less than a month to help those who need it most. Whatever you give at this point, it will be a milestone for those in need. Regardless of whether it is money, food, clothes, or you will offer transport or accommodation, you will provide them with a lot of support and care. For someone whose life has changed beyond recognition overnight, our little brick can restore faith in the future. Even a good word or the opportunity to be heard can help at this time.

You can also help by joining the group of Helpful People whose mission is not only to help, but also to help others.

Joanna Karp