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Łódź residents in solidarity with Ukraine [report from the event]

Last Friday, on May 6, in a gesture of solidarity and support for Ukraine, we gathered in large numbers in Łódź at Aleja Arthur Rubinstein, opened our hearts and sang Ukrainian songs together, including the symbolic Red Kalina. With this gesture, we wanted to remind and call that all support is still needed, because helping the Ukrainian nation is not a sprint, but a marathon. And we are needed players.

Łódź residents of Solidarnia with Ukraine on May 6, 2022 Photo Portal w.ukrainie.pl

A few days after singing together, we still relive and remember Friday. The music turned out to be a temporary remedy and a mental break from the war taking place abroad. There was no shortage of crowds, no shortage of warmth, but also tears.

Kinga Baryga, our support, self-proclaimed volunteer and reporter for Eska from Łódź, led the event in solidarity with the Polish-Ukrainian, irreplaceable team. Everything was translated by Julia Lys into Ukrainian. Young, strong Ukrainian citizens; Anastazja, Diana, Yulia and Nastusia encouraged the participants to act vigorously with their singing. The singing was completed with Ukrainian flags, blue and yellow helium balloons, accessories in the same colors, rhythmic movements and omnipresent warmth. In addition to the planned attractions, each participant could say or sing something from the heart.

Photo Portal w.ukrainie.pl

We started the event by singing the Ukrainian and Polish anthems together, and then we moved on to Red Kalinaafter listening to its version of acapella. The participants of the event were given the text of the song with a transcription on cards, so that they could join the singing loudly and lively. 

Then the singers from Ukraine were nice to us; Anastazja and Diana, after singing their songs, sang a song together Vilniuswhich in our translation means Free. It is a song about a woman, a mother who escaped from the war, and being free today, she sings about courage and strength for all women.



Then Roman Stavnykovych warmed the crowd with her song, which we can return to at the link: https://youtube.com/watch?v=alHkxVxWbc0&feature=shareand Andrey Zhuchkovskyi  Tagetes, just like his vocal teacher - Diana Tomenko, they gave us all shivers and a lot of emotions. Andrey's song to listen to here: https://youtu.be/VsPxH3B4rsI. Anastasia Taranenko sang beautifully: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc4YF7_lYKU&feature=share

artists, organizers: Kinga Baryga, Bartłomiej Czarnecki and Łukasz Kłąb
Joanna Karp