In this section, we present the most important information regarding:
the current situation, legal issues and assistance information that Poland and our volunteers provide to Ukrainian refugees. 

125 days have passed since the Russian aggressor attacked Ukraine, and the chances of a peaceful end to the conflict are decreasing day by day. The only real one

Every year, June 20 is the World Refugee Day established by the UN General Assembly. The celebrations are intended to educate citizens about the rights of refugees

The war in Ukraine has been going on for over 110 days and it is hard to come up with any optimistic scenarios. According to experts and polls, it is war

As a result of the war on our eastern border, many men who had been drafted into the army had to return to Ukraine. Related to with

Although it is difficult to find good sides in the war, experts believe that since its outbreak, Poland and Ukraine have created an incredible strength in relation to

After the outbreak of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, hundreds of well-known and respected brands have already withdrawn from cooperation with Russia, and McDonalds decided to


Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already lasted for over eighty days, as a result of which more than 6 million have already left Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.


One thing is for sure, the day of the end of the war will come. However, experts cannot estimate when this might happen. Over two months


Last Friday, on May 6, in a gesture of solidarity and support for Ukraine, we gathered in large numbers in Łódź at Aleja Artur Rubinstein,