Support for the start of a new life in Poland

Accommodation, transport, meals, psychological assistance are support meeting the needs of our eastern neighbors today. The future of their future depends on the first steps taken in Poland. What can we give from ourselves to help those who have lost not only their home overnight, but also faith in a better tomorrow, to adapt to everyday life? What support is most desirable at the moment? And above all, how to wisely support and where to look for support?

Support at the start, i.e. accommodation and transport 

The influx of eastern neighbors caused an aid rush of Poles who willingly share space with refugees or guarantee transport from place to place, which is crucial at this point. It is support at the start, on which the further steps of our neighbors depend. It's a safe place, a downtime and then it's time to act. It is hope for a better tomorrow.

Language learning

On many support groups and websites ( :)) you can find many free offers offering Polish language lessons for Ukrainian citizens. The language barrier is one of the main barriers to finding oneself in the new reality, which is why this type of support gives refugees an indispensable tool for further action.


When it is time to act, it will also be time to find a source of income. Many companies guarantee flexibility, understanding and finding additional jobs to fill Ukrainian citizens. Some of them offer financial support to those in need. The government guarantees that the labor market is open to new employees. You can also find a lot of ads on support groups and websites.

Financial assistance

The government has prepared a special act, under which you can get funding to start if you cross the Polish borders after February 24. The first support at the start is to be paid one-off PLN 300. In addition, citizens who decide to host a guest from Ukraine can count on financial support in the form of PLN 40 a day, paid for a period of two months. The government also guaranteed the support of local governments, so as to provide them with a specific reserve for the implementation of the necessary activities. There are also assistance programs and benefits for families within the reach of those in need.

Psychotherapeutic support

Where people suffer, the psyche also suffers, which is why many psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists have provided free support, consultations and therapy to Ukrainian citizens. They can also use the support telephones available on the official websites. For people who, apart from their achievements, have lost their relatives, trust and hope, this form of support may prove to be irreplaceable.

Legal assistance

Legal advisers and trainees were eagerly involved in pro bono support, consultancy, document certification or assistance in completing them. A list of people who provide free support can be found on official websites, groups or support websites. All those involved in helping offer their time and skills to support those in need as little as possible.

Joanna Karp