The war is still going on

125 days have passed since the Russian aggressor attacked Ukraine, and the chances of a peaceful end to the conflict are decreasing day by day. The only realistic scenario for a ceasefire at the moment is Ukraine's consent to the conditions imposed by Russia, but the Ukrainian army is fighting bravely.

How to help?

Government websites and aid groups, where you can find information on how to help refugees from Ukraine, are still active. Government sites are still updating information on the type of support requested.

In response to the needs, the government amended the regulation on benefits for providing accommodation and food to refugees from Ukraine. This change applies to situations where aid is granted, inter alia, to a disabled person, an elderly person or a pregnant woman. In this case, the money may be withdrawn for a period longer than 120 days from her arrival in Poland.

The benefit, which amounts to PLN 40 per person per day, is received for the period of assistance not longer than 120 days from the date when the refugee is in Poland. The amendment to the regulation, effective from Saturday, specifies when and in what specific cases this period can be extended.

As reported by Reuters as of June 28, 2022, the estimated losses incurred in connection with the war are:

Fatalities: At least 47,000

Injured: About 13 thousand

Missing persons: At least 400

Refugees: At least 15 million

Destroyed buildings: At least 2.3 thousand

 Destruction of property: About $ 600 billion

When will the war end?

Volodymyr Zelensky in his speech on Monday expressed the hope that the war would end at the end of this year. A spokesman for the Kremlin responded to the words of the President of Ukraine, saying that “the Ukrainian authorities, if they so wish, can stop the military action within a few hours. Dmitry Peskov explained that "the Ukrainian side may end the war before the end of the day if it orders the nationalist troops and the Ukrainian army to lay down their arms and meets Russia's conditions." - Everything else is speculation by the Ukrainian head of state. In this way, Russia wants to convince Ukraine to a ceasefire and surrender. 

Dmitry Peskov has consistently called the ongoing conflict in Ukraine "a special military operation". A Kremlin spokesman added that Russia did not provide an approximate date for the end of the conflict in Ukraine.

Peskov, referring to the words of Vladimir Putin, quoted that the military operations "are proceeding as planned" and that Moscow is "achieving its goals". The Russian propaganda does not end, as the Kremlin spokesman informed that the investigators from the separatist Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics "plan to develop evidence that would prove that Ukrainians had committed acts of terrorism and genocide against the inhabitants of Donbas. A Kremlin spokesman called the alleged actions of the Ukrainian armed forces a real crime. "