The war in Ukraine. The current situation in Poland

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been underway for over eighty days, as a result of which more than 6 million citizens have left Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, and more than a half of them have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border. Every day, however, among those who try to find themselves here, there are also those who, despite the war, hundreds decide to return home. Refugee specialists forecast that there will soon be around 7 million Ukrainian citizens in the European Union, mainly women and children.

The war meant that the size of the population in Poland for the first time in history amounts to 40 million inhabitants. Reports report that refugees most often choose large cities, including the capital. Almost 15% of all Warsaw residents are citizens of Ukraine.

Will the special act and aid from the government be enough? 

Although the special act was received positively and is the main help for Ukrainian citizens and is the source of their livelihood at the initial stage, experts believe that it is still not enough. They are afraid of social tensions related to the housing situation, the situation on the labor market or the deterioration of the standard of services offered. They believe that the government should take action to combat and prevent these tensions.

Conversations are continuing

During the talks on refugees of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee delegation with senators Marshal of the Senate, prof. Tomasz Grodzki spoke positively about Poles who, after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, after February 24 this year. They provided support and shelter by Polish families to over 2 million Ukrainian citizens. He speculated that this attitude, after years of misunderstandings, might be the way to create a new union of Poland and Ukraine. We must be prepared for everything and show solidarity. Additionally, he emphasized that “Ukrainian citizens prefer to stay closer to their homeland. They intend to return to Ukraine and this must be respected, not making them happy by force. "

The Marshal openly said that the countries receiving refugees from Ukraine would not be able to cope without funds from the European Union. The Marshal also emphasized that we are facing problems on the labor market, because many refugees from the East, who had already worked in Poland, decided to return to the country to fight. The marshal also touched upon the difficult situation related to education and the approach to children suffering mentally as a result of a conflict. He added that the government must continuously take steps to take into account future waves of refugees.

How to still support?

Despite the fact that the media talk about individual support, it is still needed. Fundraising events are continuing, and support internet platforms are in operation, which make life easier for our eastern neighbors. Every little help counts and often without struggling, we can give something that is needed at a given moment. At that time, less than three months after the outbreak of the war, psychological aids, legal aids, language courses or help in finding a job are the most desirable, so it is worth following government websites, aid platforms and verified groups if you have something to offer. The government is responsible for helping all Ukrainian citizens and preventing crises, and we can help the individual with our small gesture.

Joanna Karp