statute - this document 

Internet service - a website with extensive functionality available at

User - a person using the Website

Service Provider - AnimalHotels limited liability company based in Łódź, ul. H. Sienkiewicza 72, 90-318 Łódź, registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs, the registration files of which are kept by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, XX Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number 0000934860, REGON number 520527265, NIP number 7252314345

Service - means ordering various products or services offered by, which are made available by the Providers from time to time on the Website.

Reservation of services - means ordering, purchasing or booking a service, such as accommodation services, transport, work, legal consultation, translations, gift packages.

Supplier - means the provider of accommodation services, transport, work, legal consultation, translation, packages with gifts.

General provisions
These Regulations apply to the Website available at the website run by the Service Provider.

Types and scope of services provided
Through the Platform, we provide an online platform through which Service Providers to advertise, introduce, promote and / or offer (if applicable) their services for the order, purchase, booking, rental and through which the Platform User can discover, search, compare, book and pay for them. , paid or free purchase. From the moment you book a service, we only act as an intermediary between you and the Service Provider, communicating relevant information regarding your service reservation to the relevant Service Provider and sending you an email confirming the reservation on behalf of that Service Provider. does not (re) sell, rent or offer any products or services.

Reservations through
When booking a service via the website, the User books with the Provider the service that is specified on the booking page, and the Service Provider serves only as the User's interface. Therefore, does not bear any responsibility neither for the reservation nor for the service, because does not participate in creating the description and does not provide the service that the User reserves. If you have any problems or disputes with your booking and / or service, you agree to address and resolve them with the Provider and not with us. is not responsible for situations resulting from incorrect provision of information and spreading untruths by the Supplier and the language barrier of the Supplier and the User. The Service Provider is not responsible for any inconvenience related to the conditions, comfort and individual preferences of each User. is only an intermediary.

Intellectual Property Rights, service providers and other licensors, own all texts, photos, trademarks, service marks, except for user-generated content. You may not copy or transmit any of these materials, except for private and non-commercial use on your computer. All copyright, trademark, or other rights notices in proprietary content must appear on all copies that you print or otherwise create. Other products, services or designations of entities on the Website belong to the Suppliers and may be presented on the Website for identification purposes only. The user should contact the respective Suppliers regarding such markings and their registration status. Using the Website does not grant the User any license or right to use any marks on the website.

Privacy and cookies respects your privacy. Read our Privacy Policy and GDPR regarding cookies for more information at

Using Our Website
The User may use the Website or create an account and be its registered user, if he is a person with full legal capacity and may conclude legally binding contracts. If you join us and register on the Website, you will be responsible for keeping your passwords, login details and account secret. The User is responsible for the use of the Website, the use of password and login details by third parties (with or without the consent of the user) and for the actions of persons whom the User allows access to. All information provided by the User must be correct and up-to-date. In the event of any changes to the information provided, the User is obliged to update them immediately. If the User has reason to suspect that his account is no longer secure, the User is obliged to immediately change the threatened private Information.

If the User decides to receive messages or other content from the Website directly to his mobile device, he will be solely responsible for the fact that the Service Provider always has the User's current telephone number. The service provider is not responsible for information sent to the device associated with an outdated telephone number.

You may use the Website for the sole purpose of actually searching for service offers and may not use the Website to make false, fraudulent or speculative bookings for such services or any bookings for resale.

The Service Provider may at any time and without prior notice and liability, suspend, cancel or prohibit the User's access to any part of the Website.

Payment works free of charge for those in need. Service providers create their accommodation and transport services, legal consultations, translations, gift packages as part of volunteering and do not charge for services. The supplier, however, must indicate what is payable, it may be accommodation with paid board. 

Cancellation of reservations, no shows and other important rules.
By booking services with a Service Provider, the User accepts the terms and conditions set out by that Provider for cancellation and no-show at the appointed time and place, as well as all additional (commercial) conditions (including additional important rules set out by the Service Provider and made available in fine print on the website and the Service Provider's applicable house rules) that may apply to your booking or stay, as well as the services provided and / or products offered by the property (you can obtain commercial terms and conditions from the property directly from the property). The general cancellation and no-show rules applicable to each Service Provider are available on the website in the Service Provider information section, in the service booking process and in the confirmation e-mail or other document (if applicable). Please check the details (booking) of the selected service carefully before booking the services. Provision of services by the Provider is completely free of charge.

If you are aware that your arrival on the day of check-in will be delayed or that you will not arrive until the next day, please inform your Service Provider so that it knows when to expect. If you require assistance in contacting a Service Provider, you can use the services of our customer service department. is not responsible for any consequences of delayed arrival.

Final Provisions
We reserve the right to change the Website and the Regulations at any time, at our sole discretion and without prior notice to the user. The user should be familiar with these Regulations. Further use of the Website means that the User has accepted the regulations in a changed form and that all changes supersede the previous versions of the Regulations. Unless otherwise agreed, all changes to these Regulations apply to all users, including users who started using the Website before these changes were introduced. We may also terminate this agreement under these Regulations at any time by notifying the User in writing (also by e-mail) and / or, in the event that the user has an account, by canceling his account and access to his account. The User may terminate this agreement resulting from these Regulations at any time by deleting his account or ceasing to use the Website.

The User may not transfer or assign his rights and obligations under these Regulations. may transfer the rights and obligations arising from these Regulations, without recognizing the transfer as a change to the Regulations and without prior notice to the User, provided that his rights under these Regulations are not infringed.