What can help be manifested through what? 

Help comes through small gestures. Sometimes even a kind word will be a meaningful, desirable form of support. It starts with compassion, seeing the essence of the problem, and ends with the action and the visible effects of that action. We help and accept help at every step. It is our natural reflex, triggered by a specific situation, needs or emotions. Helping is not complicated. How can help be manifested?

We have help in our blood

There is no single form of help desired. We have been brought up in such a way that when someone needs help, we usually give it without hesitation. Often the situation forces us to change our priorities and change the direction of action to the one in which this help is desired. From an early age, we help each other at school, help our parents with household chores, and as we get older we become more consciously involved in other forms of help. Help is not an obligation, it is a choice that is often the result of emotions, values or needs.

Friendliness and conversation

Helping is not only about sharing material things. Help is not always a physically demanding activity. Sometimes it is a small gesture, word, mental support or a smile. There are a million ways to help. The situation in Ukraine has shown that we do not divide aid into worse and better, and that every form of it is needed and desirable. This situation has shown that when help is required, we give more than we would have suspected.

Forms of aid for Ukraine

He suffers in war country and people, and above all our psyche. Something that, apart from the necessary things or the necessary accommodation, we can now offer to the suffering is kindness, being heard, presence and conversation. In a situation where we share a piece of space with someone, space is not enough. Our guests from Ukraine need to feel visible, cared for and understood.

Smile please

Whoever has never cheered the other person with a smile or a compliment, throw a stone first. An ordinary smile seems to be seemingly trivial and insignificant, but sometimes we are able to help with one smile. It may not take away the pain from someone, it may not rebuild the damaged one, but one thing is certain - it will not hurt.


Volunteering is a common and engaging form of help. Whatever you choose and whatever role you play in it, your support will be essential. Engaging in this particular form of help gives us a sense of belonging, agency and influence on creating the world of others. Wherever help is needed and we are needed.

As we have already established before, help does not have one definition and one scheme. You can help in any way, and anyone can help. Our manifestation of help is the creation of the platform that makes it easier for refugees from Ukraine to find accommodation, transport, work or other support. Not remaining indifferent to the fate of our neighbors and getting lost in the network due to disinformation and omnipresent chaos, we decided to create a place where help would be orderly, verified and safe. A place where you can offer help, but also get it. A place that was created disinterestedly, out of the need to act, out of compassion, fear and helplessness.

Joanna Karp