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Meet PomocniPeople ( is a platform created in connection with the crisis that changed the lives of all Ukrainian citizens on February 24. We, in solidarity with those most in need, decided to create plan attribute thanks to which it will be easy to find safe accommodation, transport or work free of charge. Meet PomocniPudzie and see how you can help yourself.

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How does the platform work?

Russia, by dividing, united us all, therefore the carriers help not missing. Nevertheless, Internet chaos and disinformation make it hard to know where to look for proven help. The platform is designed to bring all volunteers and those in need to one place. If you have the conditions and feel up to it, you can register on our website as a volunteer. Thanks to this, you will make it available to refugees in need safe space, transport or you will offer a job. You decide about the form of help, its duration and its conditions. The personalization of your offer will help you with this. If you need help, you can easily find it on the website. Include its form, date and duration and find help for yourself.

We know how extremely important security is now, which is why we took care of it through verification. It is worth giving a helping hand selflessly, because good returns. A is an idea based on this principle. Ukraine needs us! Meet PomocniLudzie also on Facebook and Instagram.

Meet Helpful People and help Ukraine with us.

Joanna Karp