Helpful-People-What-common-features-characterize us?

Helpful People - what common features do we have in common?

PomocniLudzie is a non-accidental name of an internet platform that brings together people with good hearts with one specific mission, which is helping. This term has a symbolic, twofold meaning. By creating a platform, we help to help, and thanks to it you extend a helping hand to those in need. Putting the platform name aside, what do helpful people have in common and what character traits help in being one of them?

Not every hero wears a cape

Anyone can help, just as anyone may need this help. We never know which side we will be on. There is no single aid scheme and no picture of a helping person. Small steps, sensitivity and willingness are enough to give something from yourself that will make life easier for others. Helpful people are primarily those who are often able to devote themselves to others to some extent, though the least. It takes time, willingness, reevaluation and often a change of priorities. To be a helpful person you need strength and courage. You have to want and measure your intentions. Sometimes what seems like a drop in the ocean to us, for others is an ocean.

Empathy as a trigger for action

A common feature of helpful people is undeniably an excess of empathy and sensitivity. Something that most often motivates us to help is precisely our sensitivity to the fate of others. We are not indifferent, we feel sad and willing to act, we help selflessly, without waiting for any benefits. We do not think about ourselves and our needs, but about what can improve the world for others. We are ready to sacrifice ourselves, our time or any other form of help without expecting anything in return.

We like to feel needed and we like when others see us in a good light. On the other hand, appreciating us is a side effect of helping. We want to feel agency and feel that we have a slight influence on the world and people. Sometimes altruism is the result of upbringing and a remnant of our ancestors, and sometimes it comes at the right moment.

Help as an expression of compassion

Engaging in various forms of assistance, such as volunteering, is most often supported by expressions of sympathy. Seeing that someone is worse, a natural, unconditional reflex to carry appears in us help. Thanks to this, we show solidarity with those in need, we do not allow them to feel inferior or excluded. Compassion works to our advantage because then we act in accordance with our conscience and common sense. We are able to bend ourselves, change our thinking to influence the fate of others.

The war in Ukraine. Russia divides, others unite

On February 24, the world was ruthlessly divided by the Russian aggressor. It is a time when the fate of other people depends on people and, as recent weeks have shown, we have taken it to heart. The numerous forms of assistance that we provide, from providing the most needed things to offering transport, accommodation or work, are our expression of solidarity with those in need. We have no influence on what is happening in Ukraine, but we have an influence on shaping them beyond the everyday life of the war. The group of helpful people increases several times each day, because no matter what you give from yourself, you change someone's world for the better.

Joanna Karp