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Help for Ukraine

For less than a week there has been a war in Ukraine over which no one can influence. So we are looking for ways to relieve and help those most in need, and there are many of them. Let us help Ukraine!

Foundations have launched financial collections, influencers are using their reach to disseminate useful information and publicize collections, and city residents have engaged in creating packages for Ukrainian citizens with food, medicines, dressings, clothing and other necessary items. Another support option is to donate blood. There is no shortage of help, which is just a drop in the ocean of needs. Russia, by dividing the world, unites everyone around, unfortunately at great cost. Innocent people suffer.

Gifts for refugees - what do you need to know? Help for Ukraine
Gifts for refugees - what do you need to know? What you need to know

The citizens of Ukraine, fleeing the war, find refuge in Poland, which is why the support and commitment of Poles is so important at this time. Apart from money, goods and food, the most important thing is to provide them, for example, with temporary accommodation or transport. Groups of people who want to help have started to appear in social media. We take shortcuts because time matters. At you can register for free as a volunteer and provide a room, flat, house, and provide transport in the right place or give a package. By keeping pets in mind, you can also provide them with a temporary home and shelter. You decide how much you are able to give from yourself.

We can help not only in material form, but also fighting fake news. We do not provide unverified information, we do not cause information noise. Let us not succumb to Russian propaganda! It is important to obtain information from legal, verified sources of information.

Remember to support only verified fundraisers and check the sources, because every help and every zloty counts. Check information in city offices and lists of necessary things. Things cannot be wasted. The citizens of Ukraine and their children fight for survival and live in fear, which is why not only our help is so important now, but also home warmth. Help for Ukraine is very important, let's give them a bit of normality.

Joanna Karp