What should we watch out for in times of war

What should we watch out for in times of war

 The war has been going on incessantly since Thursday, February 24. Ukraine is resisting bravely. Due to the constant threat, many Ukrainian citizens are trying to get to Poland every day. That is why there are numerous organizations offering free help, creating charity actions or associating volunteers. Everyone wants to help and everyone helps as best they can. However, there will always be people who will see an interest in someone else's harm. Watch out for them!

In the media, we can read or see warnings against frauds more and more often. Unfortunately, they were and will always be. Even in such a situation. That is why we also comply with and encourage you to check or verify each help. Ukraine needs it too!

Precautions for Ukrainians coming from Ukraine:

  • Register at the border - possession of documents will allow the Polish authorities to help such citizens. 
  • Share the location on your phone - if your phone has the option to enable location, they will have to turn it on. In the event of an unpleasant event, the Polish services will help you faster.
  • Always ask if the person who wants to help you does it for free - there are situations when a person wants to help, and in the end it turns out that he wants money for it. Such situations are a crime in Polish law. Dr hab. Mikołaj Małecki from the Jagiellonian University, who deals with criminal law, explains:

"Depending on the situation, the culprit should be prosecuted for:

- fraud under Art. 286 § 1 of the Penal Code (misrepresentation as to bringing humanitarian aid - exceptionally perfidious),

- forcing to act in accordance with Art. 191 § 1 of the Penal Code (demand for payment under threat, e.g. while on the road),

- and even trafficking in human beings under Art. 189a § 1 of the Penal Code (transport of a person in a forced situation, for the malicious purpose of extorting money). "

  • J.If possible, move with the other group - Significantly traveling alone increases the likelihood of drawing the attention of potential fraudsters.
  • Stay vigilant - an important rule. Trust no one, watch how the person who wants to help you behave. Any disturbing behavior (nervousness, irritation) may indicate bad intentions. If you notice that a volunteer is anxious, upset or sweating significantly, he certainly may be of bad intentions.

What should Poles be careful about?

Of course, fraudsters do not limit their actions only to taking advantage of the situation at the border. They also work on Facebook, Twitter, create fake fundraisers. If you want to make a donation, check the legality of each fundraiser first. Also check that you are entering the correct page. Often times, scammers create domains where only one character differs and you will transfer money to a fake foundation by mistake. It is also worth choosing large stocks because they have more experience and contacts, and thanks to this, money will not be thrown down the drain.


Any unusual situation should turn on a red lamp. Unfortunately, now we are mostly guided by emotions and in the throes of current events and we do not notice certain things. We should then stop, consider and verify whether someone really wants to help or just deceive us. We will certainly avoid unpleasant situations then, and Ukraine will receive the help it needs.