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AnimalHotels carers will provide *

* The list of services is visible on the website of the selected guardian

  • Selected and appropriate feed
  • Workouts
  • Clipping
  • care
  • Selected food
  • Selected and appropriate feed
  • Haircut and care acc. arrangements
  • Haircut and care acc. arrangements

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Each hotel in the AnimalHotel database has a full list of amenities on its hotel website, along with additional options that can be selected when booking for your pet.

By using the search engine, we give you complete freedom in deciding where you want to "accommodate" your pet. Right after choosing a hotel with a free date, you can check its amenities, available dates and additional services that the hotel has at its disposal. However, we recommend that this be a hotel in your area. Pets don't like long journeys 😉

AnimalHotel provides fast and secure online payments for pet hotel reservations. Thanks to Przelewy24 payment, you can reserve a hotel room in a selected free time in a few minutes. Full advance payment for reservations is the only payment option available at AnimalHotels.