People from Ukraine - are they open to help?

Sometimes it is more difficult for us to accept help than to give it. Unfortunately, by wanting to be independent, we defend ourselves against gestures that make us feel more or less dependent on someone. We do not like to ask for help, because, exaggeratingly judging - it does not go hand in hand with our strength. Nothing could be more wrong. Sometimes we need someone's help at a given moment and there is no room for rejection.

Continuous help

For over a month, due to the never-ending Russian-Ukrainian conflict, we have joined forces and acted in the name of Ukrainian citizens. We change our priorities, add additional products to the basket in the store, take someone under our roof, organize transport or provide even temporary, needed help. Even though our help is disinterested and pure, we must remember that our eastern neighbors have often lost their sense of security in addition to their possessions. Our help is necessary and irreplaceable at this moment, but above all, it should be selfless and thoughtful.

The art of receiving help

It is natural to extend a helping hand to someone who needs it right now, and an even more unconditional reflex is to use it. We can certainly talk more about the inability to receive help than about skills. We live in a culture in which it is inappropriate to ask for help, in a culture of the need to be strong and self-sufficient. This blocks us from receiving help, much less from asking for it. However, we are forgetting one thing. That aid is often a non-contractual replacement. We give our guest warmth and support, he repays, for example, with help in household chores. 

Although we do not require it, an attempt to pay back is a natural binding reflex. We must remember one thing. Helping is not helping, helping is supporting through action. This is the moment when we give our guest the proverbial fishing rod, not a fish. When we give him a sense of agency. And the citizens of Ukraine have this agency. They know how to use this rod.

The government to help Ukraine

The government has prepared an aid package to help Ukrainian citizens have a better start. In addition to financial aid in the form of benefits and subsidies, the government organizes jobs for our eastern neighbors. The assistance package also includes free legal, psychological, medical and therapeutic assistance. From mid-March, Ukrainian citizens efficiently register with offices, thus obtaining legal residence and the possibility of applying for various forms of assistance.

A step into the future

Looking at the situation and the eastern visitors, we can see that they are not passive. On the help groups and websites, you can see more and more job offers from Ukrainian citizens. Despite many barriers, including the most difficult - linguistic one, they make an attempt to adapt in Poland and in this case - they willingly use our help offers.

The report as of March 30 reports that: “Over 21,000 people have started work. people. Over 900 people registered as jobseekers, and around 8,000 Ukrainians want to take advantage of the professional activation to start work ”. She added that 76 percent. people who took up employment are women, and 24 percent. are men. The employer has 2 weeks for the employee to be reported by the official website. As you can see, the citizens of Ukraine are getting into a new, unknown everyday life in small steps.

It is difficult to answer the question "are Ukrainian citizens open to help?" answer unequivocally. Especially in the situation we found ourselves in, where accepting help is tantamount to survival. However, let me say that they know how to use this help and how, for the most part, not to abuse it.

Joanna Karp