You are currently viewing Łodzianie Solidarni z Ukrainą – Жителі Лодзі солідарні з Україною

Łódź of Solidarity with Ukraine - Жителі Лодзі солідарні з Україною

Take your friends, parents, friends and kids. Come on over 
and sing the Red Kalina with us!

In this way, let us show our support to Ukraine as a gesture of solidarity between the inhabitants of Łódź and the people of Łódź with the Ukrainian nation. Many of us provide help in various ways, some give what they can, organize fundraising, others have opened their homes and hearts. 

On May 6 (Friday) 2022 at 19:00 we will meet in the city center Łódź at Aleja Artur Rubinstein

In this gesture of solidarity, let us all go out and sing the Red Kalina together with our neighbors from Ukraine. (Andriy Khlyvnyuk: Ой у лузі червона калина -

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