How is the government preparing to admit Ukrainian citizens?

For twenty days invariably, as a result of the war, Ukrainian citizens have been forced to survive, to evacuate the country, to neighboring, safe territories. At the moment, there are over 1.5 million refugees in Poland. We share what we can, we join forces, but from day to day more support and funds are needed. How is the government preparing for this situation?

March 12 this year. the senate adopted a special act on helping Ukrainian citizens. It regulates the legality of their stay, financial situation and employment issues.

This week, on Wednesday, March 16, the process of registering Ukrainian citizens in Poland officially began. After completing the formalities and obtaining a PESEL number, they will be able to legally use the medical, social and education system. The government declares comprehensive support for refugees.

What can the needy count on?

At the very beginning, after proper registration, the government provides those in need with PLN 300 to start. It is a one-time form of help, first aid. Through aid programs, the government wants to provide a substitute for normality and a dignified start for people whose everyday life changed mercilessly at the end of February.

The government plans to allocate PLN 1.8 to 3.5 billion annually for aid for Ukraine

During his last speech, the Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration declared to Ukrainian citizens full support related to health care and social assistance from the day they crossed the border. He also emphasized that it was important now for the efficient functioning of the administration, so he asked not all of them to go to the offices on the first or second day, so as not to cause a system failure.

Assistance for accepting refugees

The government has also prepared a form of assistance for people hosting Ukrainian citizens under their roof. The help is for those who welcome the needy with the help of local governments. Financial aid in the amount of PLN 40 per person per day (i.e. PLN 1,200 per month) is to cover basic costs such as rent and meals. The assistance will be provided for two months.

Aid programs under the special act

Together we can do more is a program that aims to help Ukrainian citizens change their minds. The budget of PLN 40 million was allocated to Polish institutions that are to provide citizens with a place on the labor market.

In addition to financial support, the government is to provide free ones to those in need help psychological and treatment under the National Health Fund.

Joanna Karp