how long-the-war will last

How long will the war last?

For over two months, experts have been trying to estimate the duration of the war. Every day we wonder what must happen for Russia to stop its attacks. It is believed that the bankruptcy of the country could lead to the end of the war, because despite the ongoing negotiations, experts do not believe in a quick end to the conflict. What can make it finish faster? What factors are responsible for the rapid end of the war? What are the alleged scenarios?

With each day of the war, its innocent victims are growing. Despite the fact that experts do not predict its end soon, we still hope that the day when it will all end will come sooner rather than later.

Countering Russian attacks

War is about winning. And to win, you need to fight off attacks and weaken the enemy. Ukrainian troops are bravely defending the attacked and bombed cities, including their capital Kiev, which is the main target for Russian troops, just like Donbass. Already two weeks after the start of the war, one could notice the weakening of the Russian forces, which lacked energy, fuel, ammunition or food. Ukrainian troops are watching so that the necessary supplies do not reach the enemy. Weakening the Russian aggressors gives you an advantage and allows you to play for time, which is extremely valuable.

Sanctions against Russia

Experts believe that the more sanctions imposed on Russia, the state will feel more weakened and powerless. If we want to force the aggressors to stop attacking and negotiating, we must be strict and uncompromising. Even though the whole west will suffer as a result, experts suggest a total ban on trade with Russia. We are talking about oil, gas, grains, coal, everything that connects us with Russia. Global companies began to withdraw from cooperation with the aggressor, which weakens their position and undeniably the economy. By imposing sanctions on Russia, we are not helping the aggressors to finance their wars.

The Oligarchs' Rebellions

The report from mid-March reports that due to the sanctions imposed on Russia, the richest oligarchs have already lost less than $ 100 billion. This "not only real estate or yachts taken over by governments, but above all stock declines in stocks of companies controlled by them, mainly in raw materials, caused the value of assets to decline ". Although for the oligarchs these drops are not very significant at the moment, their losses will increase with the prolonged duration of the war. It is expected that the natural course of things will be rebellions in their environment. This could mean ending the war faster for us.

Negotiation talks

The negotiation talks undeniably constitute the hope, already deceptive at this point, for the end of the war. It is loudly said that Putin was considering an agreement with Ukraine back in March. It seems unlikely today. The talks to date have been unsuccessful, because Putin's goal is to gain as much territory as possible and take control of Ukraine. It does not go hand in hand with what the Ukrainian negotiators are proposing to him.

Joanna Karp