Forms of aid for Ukraine

Forms of aid for Ukraine

At the time we are all here, any form of help is essential and just as important. Regardless of what you give, you will relieve those most in need at least to the smallest extent, and thanks to this you will feel like a hero. You decide whether you donate the time, resources, or other needed support. Still wondering how you can help? We advise.

What can you give from yourself? What forms of assistance can you choose?

Gifts for Ukraine. If you decide to donate the desired items or make specific purchases, find out what is really needed. Although the needs are large, we divide the products into those needed and needed, and their list changes over time. At this point, due to bloody fights, there is a special need for medical supplies, bandages, thermos flasks and hygiene products.

Transport. Before offering transport, find out about its requirements and details. Look for information on verified websites or groups. Do not offer it on your own, because the excess of people on the border creates chaos, which is bad for the needy and their well-being.

Shelter. Measure your strength against intentions. Before making the accommodation available, make a decision who and for how long you are able to accept and whether it is a form of assistance for which you are able to take responsibility. Hosting refugees in your home is primarily about providing them with support and safety in this difficult time. At the beginning, our guest will require understanding, support and care.

Share your knowledge. Remember that the situation is new and extremely difficult for our Ukrainian guests. Many questions arise in their heads, and some of them we certainly know the answers and can help. An interview in this situation or assistance in completing official formalities will prove necessary.

The forms of assistance are diverse, but for each assistance offered, find and verify an organization or institution that will make it easier for you to provide it. Let us make sure that the help is selfless, safe and to the best of our abilities. Let us find a way to contribute to a better tomorrow at least in the smallest possible way.

Joanna Karp