Gifts for refugees - everything you need to know.

Gifts for refugees - what do you need to know?

For several days, numerous collections of products needed for Ukrainian citizens have been taking place in the cities. In Ukrainian cities, there is already a shortage of food in stores, and residents have limited access to chemicals and medical supplies. Additionally, they are limited by curfew. In this difficult time, our generosity is extremely important. What is worth remembering when giving gifts to refugees?

  • Check out the list of articles you need. Although unlimited amounts of food and items are needed, there are also those for which the demand at a given moment is much greater than for others. Ask about it in your city.
  • See where donation collections are organized. Verify that there is no detailed information about packing and handing over packages.
  • Choose products with a long shelf life. The most desirable are cereal products, bars, canned food, modified milk, jars etc.
  • Check expiry dates and choose airtight packaging. Remember that these parcels will be transported to Ukraine or its borders, so it is so important that they withstand the transport and the test of time.
  • Give back clothes and covers that are in good condition. Don't take this form of help as getting rid of unnecessary things from your home. It is important that they are neat and in good condition. Before taking them back, check their condition and wash them.

It is best to give gifts in cardboard boxes. Be sure to sign the cartons.

Joanna Karp