Safe accommodation for Ukrainian citizens

Safe accommodation for Ukrainian citizens

In response to the emerging needs of the constantly arriving Ukrainian citizens, cities and people actively work for the most needy. Despite the numerous commitment and support, help is necessary all the time. Our friends from Ukraine most need food, everyday items, accommodation, transport, and in the near future also work. It is up to us and our support to determine their fate and how they will find themselves in the new reality. There is hope behind what we can offer them.

When the security of Ukrainian citizens has been compromised by the entry of Russian troops into their territory, they are forced to flee their country to foreign, safer places. They chose Poland as one of the closest, trusted destinations. Most often with only the baggage of the experiences gained during this time with him. For us it is an act of courage, for them it is usually a hopeless situation. Poles, as a nation of solidarity and compassion, mobilized ourselves with all our strength to relieve our neighbors at least in the slightest degree. We organize collectionboth food, commodities and cash. We transfer funds to foundations in need, pack parcels, and most of all, we offer as much as our time, conditions and skills allow. Many people have already decided to provide a room, flat or even a temporary home to Ukrainian citizens. However, this form of help is extremely necessary at this time. This safe overnight stay is essential.

How to ensure safe accommodation?

 Therefore, as long as you have the space and conditions, then don't hesitate. Provide space for those in need, temporarily and free of charge, keeping in mind their safety and yours. Use trusted sources to get your help verified. Although there is no shortage of people willing to help, there are also scammers and those who want to earn by harming others. 

But what should you remember to make this process safe?

If we decide to provide accommodation, more information can be obtained from the contact number of the city hall or on its official website or on verified websites and support groups. Cities are also independently working on the reorganization of places such as hotels, municipal real estate or Sports and Recreation Centers to make them available to those in need, but there are still relatively few of them. 

Meeting the current needs and keeping in mind safety, we created the platform HelpfulPeople.netwhere you can easily find the safe help you need. We cannot fight the chaos in the world, but we have made an attempt to fight against its faction in the media. Our platform is designed to organize aid offers and gather helpers and those in need in one specific, safe and free place. The purpose of this platform is to find or offer help quickly and free of charge, so when offering it, consider responsibly how much you are able to give from yourself. It is wise to discuss unclear points before giving or receiving help.

When creating an offer of help, you decide about it:

  • Who are you sharing the space with. Decide carefully how many people you are able to accept, whether they will be a child, teenager, adult or elderly person. If you want to help a person with special needs, highlight that. Check if you accept pets. Make sure you are comfortable on both sides.
  • For how long you've been sharing the space. Measure your strength against intentions. Even if you decide to host the place for a few days, you'll be a superhero. Nevertheless, if you have the option, long-term help will be irreplaceable. It is worth highlighting these details at the very beginning.
  • What conditions do you offer. It is important that the conditions you meet meet the needs of the Ukrainian visitor. It should be noted, because an appropriately personalized offer of assistance will satisfy both parties.
  • What are your "rules". At the beginning, it is worth highlighting what rules apply to your home. For example, it is important whether you tolerate pets, cigarettes or what your habits are. These details can also be discussed on the spot or by phone.
Joanna Karp