Anonymous, or hackers on a mission

Anonymous, or hackers on a mission

In connection with the war in Ukraine, the group called Anonymous became more famous. In retaliation for the Russian attack on Ukraine, it sparked an Internet war on Russia. They broke into the Defense Ministry's websites there, collecting and publishing undesirable data and documents. Additionally, they played uncensored news on Russian channels.

For 19 years, a group of hacker activists has fought against the violation of civil rights, censorship, corruption, restriction of freedom and even the violation of animal rights. Anonymous is untraceable, and attempts were made to track down members many times, whether arrest warrants were sent out. The main suspects were even arrested several times, without much success. Hactivists see this work as a mission. We are the Legion. We never forgive. We never forget. Expect us - says their motto.

Their name, Anonymous, goes hand in hand with the undefined, mysterious identity of the activists. They wear Guy Fawkess masks, which we can identify with the film adaptation of the comic book V for Vandetta. The mask has been their official symbol for 16 years.

On February 25, in connection with the war, the group of hacktivists once again made themselves known. In response to Russia's initiating the war in Ukraine, activists reached out to state sites, including the official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and blocked them, stealing their documents and e-mail addresses. They also published an email denouncing the Belarusian arms manufacturer Tetraedr, in which it provided Russia with logistical support in its attacks on Ukraine. Another of their illegal help steps was breaking into Russian TV channels and publishing uncensored news on the situation in Ukraine on them. Moreover, the attraction offered by them was the performance of the Ukrainian national anthem on Russian television.

In times when support is more important than ever, even a group of hacker activists and their maybe not entirely legal support is worth its weight in gold and shows solidarity.

Joanna Karp