Aflofarm to help Ukraine

Aflofarm to help Ukraine

During this time, any help is extremely important and irreplaceable. We join forces. We change priorities and give as much as we can. Due to the difficult situation in the east and the constant need for help, Aflofarm Farmacja Polska implemented its financial, pharmacological and psychological support activities.

The family company Aflofarm, in solidarity with Ukraine, decided to provide financial support. They provided a total of PLN 1 million. Half of this amount is financial support for those injured during the war. The other part of these funds will cover the costs of drugs and medical devices. In addition to financial support, the pharmaceutical company organized in its branches material collections for those in need, which will be given to families from Ukraine visiting Poland.

Aflofarm helps Ukraine

Aflofarm, showing that it is not indifferent to the actions. He decided to suspend cooperation with Russia and Belarus and suspend the shipment of products that have already been produced for the Belarusian market. Moreover, new jobs for refugees from Ukraine are being organized.

The company also supports its own associates. He offers them free psychological assistance, and financial support will be prepared for employees from Ukraine to help their families. Aflofarm also offers assistance in finding accommodation or relocation. In addition, the company, as part of the Government Strategic Reserves Agency, participates in meetings regarding medical assistance.

Through its actions, Aflofarm shows that it is not indifferent to the fate of its eastern neighbors. He uses his strength and resources to help those most in need.

As a family business, we are not indifferent to the situation of families affected by the war - that's why we decided to donate 500,000. PLN financial support for humanitarian aid for Ukraine. We hope that this money will help the victims in a real way. We also decided to organize a large-scale pharmacological help, which will include drugs and medical devices. At the moment, we have planned to hand over over 70 thousand. packaging

- says Jacek Furman president of the management board of Aflofarm.