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Polish-Ukrainian power

Despite the fact that it is difficult to find good sides in the war, experts believe that since its outbreak, Poland and Ukraine have created an incredible force in relation to Russia and Germany. We, as a nation, have proved and keep proving to our eastern neighbors that we are not indifferent to their fate, and that Russia has become the weakest link at that moment.

First aid

On the day of Russia's aggression against Ukraine, Poles opened their homes and hearts to those who needed it most. During this time, we selflessly supported our eastern neighbors in need as much as we could. Three months after the outbreak of the war, we are still helping as individuals, but now the greater power is not so much in the nation as in the government.

Conversations are continuing

The head of state and the prime minister are still holding talks with representatives of the Ukrainian government in order to find the best possible solution at the moment and develop an action strategy. During the last conference of international donors for Ukraine in Warsaw, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke about our eastern neighbors. The Prime Minister admitted that, as a government, they aimed at integrating the Polish nation with Ukraine and continued to provide social assistance. The prime minister emphasized that “We are not creating refugee camps. We prefer a different form of integration of refugees into our society. This approach chosen by Poland is much more expensive, but more humane ”.

Currently, it can be estimated that the costs to be incurred by Poland in connection with the help of refugees by the end of this year will amount to over EUR 2.2 billion (EUR 1.6 billion is the cost of accommodation and money that the government will allocate to the basic needs of refugees). Another EUR 300 million is the amount allocated to the transport of refugees. Additional expenses, not estimated at the moment, will cover education and medical care.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, stated that during the conference it was possible to obtain aid declarations in the amount of USD 6.5 billion. These funds are to be allocated to the currently required humanitarian aid on an ongoing basis.

"Poland and Ukraine together constitute a counterweight to Germany and Russia"

“This is just such a moment - incredibly important historically, because for several hundred years we have not had a chance for the Ukrainian and Polish nations to be very closely related. Let us not have strangers to us national heroes who - either we or they murdered us somewhere. (...) We have an amazing opportunity and I want to use this opportunity by Welconomy - bringing nations, businesses, and international politics closer, ”said the originator and organizer of the Welconomy economic forum in Toruń, Dr. Jacek Janiszewski.

Dr. Janiszewki has high hopes for Polish-Ukrainian solidarity. He believes that “This creates a certain new order, and for sure everyone in the world, and a large part in Europe, will be an obstacle for us. Welconomy sets itself the task of getting ahead of these attacks, hating one another, because it serves no one, only other nations. Both nations have already found out about it, because in fact the Ukrainian state is real only now, and we - due to irresponsibility - have not been on the maps for 123 years. When we let ourselves be fooled, others only benefited from it. We have to eliminate this. We need to have more Anglo-Saxon than Eastern thinking in our consciousness, mentality ”.