how-the-war-in-ukraine-will change-the-life-of-Poles

How will the war in Ukraine change the lives of Poles?

The war in Ukraine has consequences not only for the citizens of the occupied state, but also affects Poles who are committed to supporting their eastern neighbors. Those who have not lost their roof over their heads offer it to others. As a result of Russian attacks, we are changing our everyday life, priorities and approach to life. What are the costs of the war when we are next door? Will the sanctions imposed on Russia directly affect the lives of Poles? What global changes await us?

War and the Polish economy

Economists leave no doubt that the war in Ukraine will translate into the global crisis and Poles' wallets. According to the forecasts, the consequences of the Russian military actions are:

  • Stagflation, i.e. an increase in prices while stopping economic growth.
  • High energy prices. Increase in prices at gas stations and stores.
  • The increase in the cost of maintaining houses, as well as the prices of basic agricultural products.
  • Deepening inflation. The prices of many important energy commodities will go up.
  • Fall of GDP. Stopping exports to Russia and Ukraine is a loss of about 5% of all exports.
  • Increase in mortgage installments.

Over the years, it is estimated that Russia has less importance in trade. The Polish Economic Institute reports that "the share of Russia as a recipient of exports from Poland decreased in 2006-2021 in the vast majority of sections: in food and animal exports from 5.6 percent. up to 1.7%; as well as in export: chemicals with 10.4 percent. up to 5.3%; industrial goods with 5 percent. to 2.5 percent, industrial products from 4.8 percent. up to 2 percent "

Labor market

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, there has been an outflow of Ukrainian male workers who returned to their homeland fighting for freedom, as a result of which Polish companies are forced to quickly replenish their staff. At the same time, taking into account the influx of refugees, the government assumes the maximum opening of the labor market to our eastern guests and the adaptation of work in the company so as to increase the employment opportunities for women from Ukraine.

"From the outbreak of the war, member companies of the Polish HR Forum, employed approx. 3 thousand. citizens of Ukraine, including nearly 600 people on the basis of a notification resulting from new regulations introduced by a special act ”.

Experts are not able to clearly state what the situation on the labor market will look like and whether it will have a negative impact on Poles. Certainly, the influx of refugees and meeting their needs can have both a positive impact on the labor market and cause chaos.

Mental hygiene

When we think about the consequences worldwide, we mainly think about the economic crisis. Nevertheless, the conflict taking place beyond our eastern border will also affect our psyche. By supporting our neighbors, whether materially or mentally, we should shoulder a lot. It is important that we do not go beyond our strength. By caring for others, we must also take care of ourselves and to give as much as we are able to. We have no influence on the economic crisis, but our psyche is in our hands, so taking care of it at this time is extremely important.

Joanna Karp