PomocniLudzie.pl was active from 01/03/2022 to 03/03/2023

Pomocniludzie.pl was an aid platform that allowed for free announcements of support for people from Ukraine.

What was Pomocniludzie.pl?

Until March 3, 2023, the website served as an aid platform for people from Ukraine. Anyone in need could find there:

  • overnight
  • transport
  • work
  • and others - e.g. legal assistance, psychological assistance, offers of Polish language courses.

The platform was connecting those in need with those who wanted to provide this help. All in order to support the fighting Ukraine.

Polish free aid platform Pomocniludzie.pl connecting volunteers with people in need from Ukraine

Where did it start?

When the war broke out, we started going after hours as volunteers to the collection points where we sorted and packed the gifts. We noticed that there are a lot of people who want to help and that there must be a better way to organize a help for those in need. (Lukasz Klab)

Volunteering for Ukraine, collection, segregation of gifts.

A strong desire to support the nationwide action, which is help for Ukraine, quickly sprouted in our heads the idea to build Helping People. We already had the animalhotels.com project, which had been in its infancy for months, which was a good foundation for quickly reprogramming it to meet the current needs and implementing solutions. And so, day by day, the "Team of Helpful People" started to grow, analyze and work on the project with their joint forces and experiences. (David Stolarczyk)

The animalhotels.com team created the PomocniLudzie.pl

The decision was made and we got to work. Sleepless nights, huge hearts of people who decided to get involved, working 20 hours a day, liters of coffee and a lot of endorphins that we are doing something that will help and we did it! (Lukasz Klab)

Lodz, ul. Sienkiewicza 72. This is where the team of start-up animalhotels.com started the initiative Pomocniludzie.pl

Included in the work:

  • Łukasz Klab
  • Kamila Zdzienicka
  • Dawid Stolarczyk
  • Marcin Osiński
  • Monika Laskowska
  • Joanna Karp
  • Bartłomiej Czarnecki

It is impossible to mention all those who contributed to the creation of the initiative. Thank you very much for that!

PomocniLudzie.pl team: Lukasz Klab, Kamila Zdzienicka, Dawid Stolarczyk, Marcin Osinski, etc.

And that's how, with the power of human hands, we created it ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPGFJ_PU4YM

Without him, nothing would be created...

Dawid, responsible for the IT, was working through the entire engine of the animalhotels.com website without sleeping at night. He knew her inside out, no one could have done it better.

Dawid Stolarczyk (DawidKreator)

Hearts and a lot of work put in day and night in the project called PomocniLudzie quickly began to collect feedback from people wanting to join our queue, and even connecting whole wagons to it. In this way, recognition and reach are constantly growing and more people join, wanting to share their help (David Stolarczyk).

I see that everybody and everything helps this initiative. Our team was joined by many amazing people who use their talents, heart and contacts to make this world a little better (Lukasz Klab).

And this is how our queue of “helpful people” was joined by:

  • Kinga Baryga
  • Sitel Poland (Wiktoria Barycka, Victoria Yurkina, Anna Kobus, Nikola Petke, Oleksander Hrekul)
  • … many other people and companies…

How did they help?

They made the platform more popular with volunteers and people in need .


You can listen to one of this interview here: https://youtu.be/0DC4IcOO6S4

Kinga Baryga gave an idea of the event to sing together at the Rubinstein Passage at Piotrkowska Street in Lodz. Ukrainians and Poles from all over Lodz united singing Red Kalina.

pomocnludzie.pl, Ukraine

pomocniludzie.pl, Ukraine

Polish people supports Ukraine, pomocniludzie.pl

Why did we do this?

I simply got involved so as not to be indifferent to what was going on around me. With the will and need to act. Out of empathy. Out of compassion. By natural human instinct. And simply because of you, because I believed and I believe! It is good to feel that you are a part of something and that thanks to this you build a world, or at least make it more colorful and easier for others (Joanna Karp).

I can't do much on my own, but with a group of committed people, we can create something really great to help others. The energy and motivation is amazing. Let us remember that now Ukraine is fighting for freedom, but it could always be us (Kamila Zdzienicka).

Who are we now?

Now you can see our hearts and strengths on animalhotels.com - a portal that connects pet owners with people willing to take care of them temporarily.